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Investment firms are considered to be the big earners in the banking world. It is all the more important to stay informed about the 10 largest investment banking firms (according to income). We present these to you below:

10. UBS Group ($ 1.289 billion)

UBS Group AG, a major Swiss bank based in Zurich, was represented in 56 countries with 893 branches in 2014. Inequity trading in particular (Equity Capital Markets and Debt Capital Markets & Loans), UBS posted revenues totaling the US $ 1.1 billion, and the investment bank was restructured last year. With just under the US $ 1.29 billion in revenues, it is represented in 10th place.

9. Wells Fargo ($ 1.484 billion)

The major US bank Wells Fargo made it to 10th place in our ranking with revenues of the US $ 1.484 billion. According to its market capitalization of the US $ 236 billion, Wells Fargo was the largest bank in the world in July 2013.

8. Deutsche Bank ($ 2.161 billion)

Deutsche Bank is not only the largest bank in Europe but also one of the leading investment firms. Deutsche Bank (USA) was also on board as a consortium bank for Alibaba's billion-dollar IPO. After partial withdrawal from competitor UBS, Deutsche Bank is considered one of the few truly global investment firms still based in Europe. Established a strong Deutsche Bank in the fixed payment business is (bonds, money market funds, etc.).

7. Credit Suisse Group ($ 2.481 billion)

Credit Suisse Group, based in Zurich / Switzerland, is one of the world's largest asset managers with assets under management of 1.29 trillion Swiss francs. Credit Suisse operates from two divisions: Private Banking & Asset Management and Investment Banking. Most recently, the bank served over 2 million private customers and more than 100,000 business customers with more than 2,100 customer advisors. Investment Income: $ 2.481 billion.

6. Barclays Capital ($ 2.497 billion)

Barclays Capital is the investment trust division of the London-based Barclays plc. Through Barclays Capital, the bank offers investment advice, capital raising, and risk management for corporate clients. Barclays Capital is a large US Treasury and Euro Bonds trader. In autumn 2008, Barclays Capital took over the US division of the American bankrupt bank Lehman Brothers. The revenues add up to the US $ 2.497 billion.

5. Citigroup ($ 2.963 billion)

The New York-based Citigroup was created in 1998 through the merger of Citicorp and the financial conglomerate Travelers Group. Citibank is the private customer division of Citigroup, which was founded in 1812. The bank covers its investment trust business through Institutional Clients Group (ICG), which generated an investment income of US $ 2.963 billion.

4. Morgan Stanley ($ 3.374 billion)

Morgan Stanley, also based in New York, is also one of the oldest and most influential investment banks in the United States. Founded in 1935, the investment bank generated over $ 3.3 billion in investment revenue. In 1997, Morgan Stanley merged with the US financial services provider Dean Witter. In connection with the financial crisis in 2007, Morgan Stanley formally gave up its status as an investment bank.

3. Bank of America Merrill Lynch ($ 3.696 billion)

New York City-based Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) is considered one of the most influential investment banking firms in the world. In terms of investment income, BAML is number three worldwide, with revenues of around US $ 3.7 billion. In 2012, BAML was also recognized as the most innovative investment bank with "The Bankers Investment Banking Award".

2. Goldman Sachs ($ 3.992 billion)

Goldman Sachs, based in New York, is one of the most traditional investment houses ever and was founded in 1869. The bank is active in investment banking, institutional client services, investing & lending, and investment management, and is particularly strong in acquisitions and mergers. Goldman Sachs generates revenue of nearly $4 billion.

1. JPMorgan Chase & Co ($ 4.884 billion)

Manhattan-based JPMorgan Chase & Co is not only the largest bank in the United States by total assets, but is also a leader in bond trading, with revenues of a whopping $ 4.884 billion. JPMorgan Chase & Co serves investment clients in more than 60 countries worldwide. JPMorgan Chase & Co is also very strong in the area of ​​takeovers and mergers in the USA.

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