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Moving to a new home sounds stressful. After all, packing your stuff, getting rid of old things, buying new things, setting them up again, getting accustomed to the new environment is challenging. But have you ever put thought into moving to a different country? Sounds exciting and scary, right?

Americans Entrepreneurs are constantly searching for more comfort, a better standard of living, higher-income - fewer taxes to pay, less violence, less disturbance, less crime, fewer mass shootings, fewer child molesters, fewer child abductions, fewer gun-related murderers, less racism, and total freedom to work, speak, talk and move, etc. And as you are living in the self-acclaimed "greatest country of the world," America, you need to check seriously and think about how great or safe this country really is for you and your loved ones.

If you love your children, here are some broad 21 reasons to move out of the U.S. and enjoy tax-exempt and more peaceful living in the Caribbean with your loved ones:

  1. Horrendous gun violence

  2. High healthcare costs

  3. Political Instability

  4. Total Government Corruption in every Department from FBI to CIA to NSA and DOJ

  5. High taxes

  6. High-income inequality and uneven wealth distribution

  7. History of Racism

  8. High cost of living

  9. Expensive property (Real estate)

  10. Difficulties of legalization

  11. High competition and more stress levels

  12. A "happy sue lucky" Nation, where successful entrepreneurs like you are an "easy target."

  13. More than 800,000 children are being kidnapped every year in the USA

  14. Registered Sex Offenders across the Nation means less security for your children

  15. Illegal Immigrants have more rights than law-abiding and tax-paying U.S. citizens

  16. Mass Shootings every week across the Nation

  17. Illegal Vaccine Mandates and unconstitutional lockdowns across the USA

  18. Corrupted MAINSTREAM MEDIA, feeding you lies and false information

  19. A poisoned school system, brainwashing your children with radical left-wing agendas

  20. An outright criminal Democratic Party who instigates violence, racial divides, and 'gender neutrality" makes a living in the U.S. a daily nightmare…

  21. Based on the so-called "ZERO TOLERANCE" policy in schools across the Nation, children as young as 5 years old are being arrested, handcuffed, and jailed for throwing a temper tantrum at school…  

  22. Shall we go on…?


As you very well know, this list is never-ending, and it is not only limited to ONE State of the United States; but any State in the USA shares the same list of horrific problems. At BancorpTrust, we always guide our clients on a path that guarantees success and removes unnecessary impediments. While facing issues on the country front, there is almost nothing we can do other than move to a nation that provides us with better prospects of living, including ZERO TAX LIABILITIES, more FREEDOM, and PEACEFUL LIVING CONDITIONS for you and your children.

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Benefits of choosing a developing nation over a developed one:


1. Strong communities and social ties

Socializing is more common in developing countries than in developed ones as people are always busy in the race to the top. This strong network acts as social support and builds strong social bonds. More social interaction also leads to personality upliftment, boosts confidence, decreases the chances of depression, etc.


2. Less expensive

Living in a developing country is very cheap compared to the likes of a developed nation. People usually earn in developed countries and live in developing countries to make life easier and save more money.

3. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance

Less competition directly correlates to less stress among individuals for a particular business. Lack of facilities in developing nations is also a blessing in disguise as you are being presented with more business OPPORTUNITY.

4. Opportunity to expand into a new market

Developing countries have less competition compared to developed countries. With the correct guidance, growth mindset, strive to work hard, and the right product/service, you can achieve financial freedom and economic stability quickly.

5. High work ethics

Developing countries value human life for materialistic things; hence they abide by a higher standard of work ethics.

6. Less violence, gun violence, and drugs compared to the USA.

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We bet you are in awe to hear come of the broad advantages of living and working in a developing nation. Now, you must be thinking, “which is the best developing nation to settle?" don't worry, we at BancorpTrust work proactively and have already done the research on it.


With our sister company, Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust, we promote living in a fast-developing Caribbean nation where you can enjoy the perks of a tax haven, beautiful island, and peaceful environment all at once. With our new project, Blockchain DigitalCity, you can live in an exclusive Executive Villa on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, which gives the right boost for a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous life for your family and your business.

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With a stable government and economy, the Dominican Republic is the most visited destination of all of the Caribbean nations. D.R. is a hot spot for expats, retirees, investors, entrepreneurs, and business people who are looking for a safe and affordable option in the Caribbean.

1. The Dominican Republic provides the best value for your money.

From the day-to-day cost of living to real estate, the Caribbean provides everything at a bargain. Affordable restaurants and cafés can cost $40 if you want to splurge. With a monthly budget of mere $1200, you can live a comfortable life, and above that, everything comes in luxury. Even if you want to buy an apartment rather than renting, real estate can cost as little as $100,000 or less!!

2. The vast network and Established amenities by Expats

Highest mountain range in the whole Caribbean, 1000 miles of coastline, mild warm weather, white-sand beaches, turquoise water; Dominican Republic is the most established country in the Caribbean. Apart from the natural and scenic beauty, it has a vibrant culture, a thriving expat population, excellent healthcare, gated communities, international restaurants and supermarkets, good internet, and with 6 international airports and direct flights from North America and Europe makes the country very accessible.


With the development in both roadways and airways, this connectivity has reduced traveling costs by more than 30%

3. Political stability

The government of the Dominican Republic is very stable and conservative when it comes to the management of the country and its inhabitants.

4. Easy to live and invest

The Dominican Republic offers one of the most accessible and quickest Residencies and citizenship options. Retirees can get provisional residency in just 45 days by just showing monthly pension proof of $1500. Other than retirees working-class families, investors are also welcomed in the Dominican Republic with open arms.

The government encourages businesses and foreign investors with its industrial-free zones. These zones are ripped with tax-friendly and benefit-laden locations like 15-year exemption (under law 8-90) from all income tax, corporate tax, VAT, export duties, etc. Businesses in the following categories enjoy even more perks: infrastructure, agribusiness, software, I.T. development, telecommunications, tourism (most focused), etc.

5. Welcoming cosmopolitan communities

Vibrant culture, increasing Expat population, and welcoming neighborhood make a living in the Dominican Republic livelier. Warm weather, safe and friendly environment, the autonomy of movement and business makes D.R. an ideal place to work and live.

5. Quality construction

Highly skilled general contractors produce marvelous architectural pieces which are earthquake and hurricane proof. Here too, D.R. displays its streak of providing everything at a bargain; construction here costs an average of $200 per square foot.

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Other than the benefits mentioned above, BancorpTrust extends some more benefits when you take part in the BLOCKCHAIN DIGITALCITY PROJECT; some of them are:

  1. Establishment of your own investment banking fund

  2. Certificate of investment bank/trust license,

  3. Certificate of good standing,

  4. Articles of incorporation,

  5. Trust deed,

  6. Our service fees for 1 year,

  7. Offshore IP

  8. Swift code for your investment bank,

  9. 30 years of structural warranty to ensure your new executive villa lasts for generations to come,

  10. and much more!


By now, we are sure you are already thrilled to know more about the exotic life of the Caribbean Nation. With a team of professionals operating for over 3 decades, we at BancorpTrust continuously provide value with our exclusive services like establishing cryptocurrency exchanges, setting up Investment banks, offshore banks, Licensed Investment funds, etc., at a competitive cost.

Now to even combat the U.S. country problems, we at  Blockchain DigitalCity Bank & Capital Trust are building a tax-exempt executive community in the Caribbean, in the oceanfront city of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Where you, along with other 29 like-minded entrepreneurs, can live in an elegant and luxurious Executive Villa and capitalize on the perfect environment to grow your family and your business.

Wait, there is more…

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Taxation in the Dominican Republic


Dominican tax law is primarily territorial. In principle, the Dominican Republic only collects taxes on income from Dominican sources. Thus, on the one hand, all income derived from work or business activities in the Dominican Republic is taxable, no matter if the person is Dominican, a resident or nonresident foreigner, a Dominican business entity, or a foreign company with or without a branch office in the country. On the other hand, income derived from work outside the Dominican Republic is not taxable, even if received by Dominican nationals or companies, foreign individuals residing in the Dominican Republic, or foreign companies with branches in the country.


Pensions and social security benefits are expressly exempted and income received by investors who became residents under the special provisions of Law 171-07.



The Dominican Republic Tax Haven and Second Passports


Although the Dominican Republic is not typically regarded as a tax haven, that is one of its attractions. Unlike traditional offshore centers, it has not been under pressure from the OECD, the G20, and the Trump administration. The Dominican Republic has a territorial tax system much like Panama's, meaning that you can live there and enjoy the beaches tax-free, provided your income comes from outside the country. It’s also known as one of the more liberal places for those seeking a second passport or citizenship.

Three Good Reasons to Consider the Dominican Republic for Second Passports and Offshore Investing

The more you learn about the Dominican Republic, the more you will like it and see the potential. Learning more was our original purpose in studying its national history. Right now, the country has three things about it that would be particularly appealing to our members:


  • Tax Haven – Dominican Republic has a territorial tax system, meaning that if you live there, you would only be subject to pay taxes if you had local income. You can earn what you like outside the country, and you don't even have to declare it, let alone pay any taxes. It applies to both individuals and companies.

  • Second Passports – Dominican Republic is one of the most liberal countries when it comes to granting citizenship through naturalization. After two years of residence, you can ask for a passport. As long as you haven’t done anything to upset the President, he will sign a decree making you a citizen. Absences of up to one year at a time don’t affect your residency status. This liberal naturalization law dates back to 1948, and there is much talk of it changing soon. Dual citizenship is allowed.


  • Livability – Dominican Republic is an excellent place to live. First of all, it's affordable. The tax exemption you get in the Bahamas by buying a half-million-dollar property you get almost for free here. The capital, Santo Domingo, is a modern cosmopolitan city with a beautiful colonial heart. The Spanish colonized it; then, the Americans were mainly responsible for the development of the city. The country's second city Santiago, and the beautiful north coast, including the city of Puerto Plata, were only joined by decent roads built by the Americans in the 1920s. Before that, the north was almost a separate country – trading more with the British and Germans. Today there is a substantial American, Canadian, British and German, population up there, and parts where French and Italian are frequently spoken. So, there's really something for everybody.


The Dominican Republic has not been high on the traditional lists of places to retire to that are hyped on the internet. It might be a good thing. Real estate is good value, it's relatively easy to immigrate and obtain citizenship, and the business environment is nearly as favorable as the climate!



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