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Healthcare is one of the vital components of any country's economy, as it decides its residents' health and medical condition. All developed countries today are enhancing their health care facilities. 


Being a developed country, the U.S. is excelling in nothing including health care. Even after taking considerable measures in the health care field, research has proven that only 7% of the citizens are satisfied with the present health care system. More than half of the people from the political alliance agree that the healthcare system in the U.S. requires changes or an entirely new beginning, which is not going to happen in your life time.


Public opinion about poor health care facilities has not changed for a long time; it's been the same since 1994. According to a poll, seven out of ten residents of America perceive that the present healthcare system is in a complete position of crisis, facing major issues. 


There are multiple major problems in the U.S. healthcare system that motivate people to shift from the U.S., like expensive facilities, insurance rules in the U.S., and numerous others.


The article represents an analysis of some of the major problems of health care services in the U.S.


Avoidable medical errors 

In a recent study, the information for medical death rates was examined for eight years. It was found that medical mistakes & errors are blamed for around 250,000 or above deaths every year in the U.S. It sums up to around 10% of the total deaths in the U.S. and becomes the third leading reason for death, the first and second being heart disease and cancer, respectively.


Zero transparency 

The fraud and cover-up cases are out of control to an extent in the U.S. healthcare field. A specific issue here is the upcoding, which signifies a tug of war between the health care services providers & the insurance providers, and the policyholders are stuck in between them. The providers overbill or up to code a process to attain extra money from the insurance organizations. Still, the insurance might charge extra-high premiums to the employers and seal their pockets while paying the customers. The health customers get stuck in between everything without gaining any control over the health outcomes and the price rates.


Bad Amenable mortality rates

In various studies, it was portrayed that compared to the eight other countries, the U.S. holds the last rank on the Healthcare Access and Quality Index in managing mortality. The amenable mortality rate computes the avoidable premature deaths and can be treated by providing effective and on-time care. The HAQ index ranges from 0 to 100, 0 being the worst and 100 being the best, and computes the avoidable mortality rates for around 32 reasons for death. A very high rating portrays fewer deaths because of higher quality of care and access.


Facing a hard time in searching for a good doctor 

Because there is no accessible data on the capability and achievements of the doctor, the health consumers find it very difficult to look for a good doctor. The customers depend on the not-so-informed online reviews that assist them in examining the traits like how friendly the staff is. However, these websites do not provide:

  1. Important data about the health conditions they are suffering from.

  2. The ideal doctors with the accurate skills to treat the ailment.


It is one of the major setbacks in the health care field of the U.S.


Expensive costs of care 

It is another alarming issue in the U.S. for health consumers. In an annual study from the health cost institute, it was stated that the average healthcare rates have elevated with every passing year, with the prices around 15% higher in the year 2018 compared to the year 2014. 


In 2018, customers and U.S. firms spent around 10 % of the GDP on health care, which has risen with the passing years. The experts have predicted that the national healthcare expenditure in the U.S. is about to cross the GDP growth until the year 2023.


The IFHP and the member organizations with the HCCI in the United States introduced the International Comparison of Health Prices Report. In this, the median pricing for health services is compared in around nine countries. Apart from one or two drugs, every medicine and process surveyed have more costing in the United States. 


For instance, the hospital admission charges for a C-section cost around $15,000 in the U.S., the highest of all countries. Not just this, the other monitored procedures like bypass surgery, childbirth and delivery, replacement of hip or knee, and others cost the same. Except for the childbirth with normal delivery, which is just $2.200 and more in the U.S. than the other countries, all the other surgeries and processes cost nearly or above 50% higher in the United States.


For example: A spine operation in the United States can cost up to $450,000, which is astronomically high… The same spine operation with first class medical doctors who studied in the USA, costs you only $18,000 in the Dominican Republic. Moreover, your health insurance in the Dominican Republic covers 85% to 90% of the operation costs.



Here are some of the reasons that state why the cost of U.S. healthcare is so high:


Latest Technology

The requirement for resources to manage the latest electronic health records and the electronic medical records systemizations have elevated because of the pricing of operations and workforce required to handle the latest systems. 


The Diagnostic tests and the prescribed medicines

It was estimated by the United States department of health and human services that the expenditure on the prescribed drugs had reached $457 billion in the year 2015, which was responsible for around 17% of the spending on personal health care services. 


No Insurance coverage

Uninsured citizens face greater problems in the healthcare area than insured citizens in the U.S. According to a report given by the, which is a division of the Office of Ailment prevention and the promotion of health. It is said that the citizens with no insurance might not look for medical care because of high costing and go without preventive care and constant health check-ups, which puts a lot of negative impact upon their health. Due to this issue, the kids cannot attain proper care and services for treatable issues like asthma and others.


Shortage in the nursing and the physicians 

It is a supply and demand problem. The information published by the AAMC states that the United States will face a shortage of around 24,101 and 138,000 fundamental and specialty care physicians by the year 2032 with the elevation in demand. The officials of AAMC state that this annual examination portrays that the U.S. will experience a great shortage of physicians in the upcoming time. The space amongst the elevating health care needs and the supply of the doctors to interact accurately has become very evident as everybody is trying to fight the coronavirus “Plandemic”.


According to the experts, outsourcing more doctors will not solve the complete problem; undoubtedly, the shortage of physicians will be a constant issue.




1. Unequal care

Health consumers are attaining various levels of care that are not identified by the level of quality by their situation, condition, or insurance plan. Most rural regions might not have the required number of doctors, while the urban areas have more than required. 


2. No insurance coverage

Multiple customers cannot afford the high cost of primary care because of the exorbitant insurance price. 


3. Off-duty

Multiple healthcare staff only cater to the needs of the patients on the weekdays at the time of the normal office hours, with not being available during nights and on the weekends. 


4. Undervaluation of available medical interns

The assistants of the physicians and the practicing nurses can provide the exact primary care as the normal physicians, and at very little cost. Yet, they are not utilized at the right value. 




There are many issues in the U.S. health care field to deteriorating the country's healthcare realm. The issues mentioned here require immediate “treatment”. It is still a very long way to go to make healthcare in the U.S. safe and affordable. Immediate planning and actions must be taken to solve the major issues and turn all the health care statistics to a positive percentage. If these issues are not taken care of, the health care situation in the United States will worsen with the passing years... Do you have enough time left to “wait” for these changes or is a change of jurisdiction more advisable? Move to a Tax Free Paradise in the Caribbean perhaps?  


The recent coronavirus “Plandemic” and horrendous Government abuse of power associated with it has perfectly showcased how broken the U.S. healthcare system is. Even after identifying and recognizing the problems, no clear signs of improvement is in sight. One solution available at your disposal is to move to a nation that cares about its people and where healthcare is affordable and available for everyone. After all, you are responsible for the well-being of your kids, spouse, and old parents!

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