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Investment Banks & Investment Funds

Investment Banks & Investment Funds

Are you an entrepreneur and looking to establish your own Investment Bank & Investment Fund? At BancorpTrust, we provide the best private banks for sale services. BancorpTrust offers our customers a wide range of services, including investment banks, offshore banks, credit unions, real estate funds, and capital trusts. Also, we create your private label Mobile Banking Platform, your SWIFT code, your API without the bureaucratic "red tape."

Start your private banks for sale with us! We support you investing in the banking business in the Netherlands from anywhere globally. BancorpTrust is your ideal source for your new investment banking venture as we help you in integrating your Investment Bank and make you a part of the most creative and versatile corporate solutions globally.

Our Mobile Banking technology solutions allow your future banking customers to open a bank account from anywhere they conveniently want in a few minutes without much effort and interaction.

Invest in the best investment banks for sale services! Some of our core services include:

Investment Banks & Real Estate Trusts

Our Investment Banks & Real Estate Trusts are fully legalized to assemble money from the overall public and capitalize on diverse businesses for your account and third base parties.

We ensure to enhance and grow your investment, capital raising, purchasing, and managing real estate, including office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, apartment blocks, e-wallets, and electronic payment solutions.

Investment Banks & Insurance Trusts

We can create your Investment Bank & Insurance Trust with 100% Capital Protection for your stockholders.

BancorpTrust provides a Capital Guaranteed Note Program. Any losses experienced by the underlying funds are absorbed by your account, which inclines you to finance 50% of fund capital into very conventional U.S. Government-backed safeties support and minimize losses if your business defaults.

Credit Unions & Capital Trusts

Want to establish your own Credit Union & Capital Trust without a lot of bureaucratic red tape? Then is the one-stop solution for you. We provide all the electronic payment capabilities most conveniently and affordably.  

No need to invest your time searching for affordable services; we ensure to provide you a highly specialized in establishing credit unions & capital trusts worldwide.

Licensed Investment Funds in The Netherlands

We have experts in beginning licensed Investment Funds in The Netherlands.

This exclusive regime option has proven to be a prevalent route for fund executives who wish to create a fund in a tax-neutral control. We are the foremost investment fund license providers allowed to access a rapid and cost-efficient European market by raising capital through a list on Euronext.

Furthermore, Eurolist by Euronext is a controlled market as mentioned in the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive ( unlike the which only has exchange-regulated status such as alternative Investment Market in the UK).

​ Do You Want To Begin Your Own Crypto Currency Exchange?

Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto's brainchild, debuted in 2009 during a period of economic crisis, bringing a new era in how money is dealt with and considered throughout the globe. Bitcoin is developed by computer mining and is neither issued nor managed by any bank (central or global).

Cryptocurrencies, often known as digital currencies, have shifted the way we think about money. It has limitations, like any new technology, but we can't deny the benefits and potential it holds. Acting quickly to capitalize advantage of this profitable opportunity could be a wise investment for you and your money.

We are professionals with a highly skilled management team with over three decades of adequate track record. Also, our company is focusing on establishing systems including cryptocurrency exchanges, Licensed Investment funds, Investment banks, offshore banks, Capital trusts, Digital Payment solutions, etc., at a segment of the cost of other parallel service workers.

​So, get a professional solution for your investment banks for sale with us. 


Contact us for any further quires and information.

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