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Bank Corporate Trust; an Overview

Bank Corporate Trust; an Overview


What is a trust? 

To properly grasp the overall topic discussed, one must understand trust. A trust is a legal relationship between two parties in which one stands as a fiduciary, that is, a trustee. In this relationship, the trustor or grantor gives the other party (fiduciary or trustee) rights to hold title to their assets on their behalf or for the benefit of a third party. This relationship provides legal enshrinement for the trustor. The assets and benefits are thus distributed according to the trustor's wishes. The trustor can be an individual or an organization. This is often done to secure assets from excessive taxation and creditors.


Key points

  1. A trust is a relationship between a trustor and a trustee

  2. The trustor gives the trustee rights to hold their assets and share benefits on their behalf.

  3. The trustee can be an organization or an individual.

  4. This protects assets from excessive tax, creditors, and mistakes that may warrant seizing assets.  


Bank Corporate Trust


This term is often used to explain the business activities of financial institutions that stand as fiduciaries or trustees for many investors. The bank, which stands as a middle man between spenders and lenders often, borrowing saved funds from businesses, collecting these loans with profits which they keep, and returning the principal to the saver, now stands as trustees.


They now have the right to the assets of the trustors; as a result, they can stand as mediators between trustors and investors. They had the authority, based on the trustor's wishes, to distribute benefits from these assets to the trustor or third parties.


For example, in a situation where an organization borrows bonds from the public, these investors often never have the time or the capacity to monitor the covenants of the loan agreement; banks, therefore, stand as trusts to help umpire the process from the terms of the contract to the repayment of loans. In such arrangements, the bank serves as an agent, or middleman, between the lender and investor. They also function as the spender or receiver of the loan or investment.


Significant functions of Bank Corporate Trusts

  1. Act as an administrator and mediate between the trustor and the third-party lenders.

  2.  To manage investments and ensure that each party adheres to the covenant of the loan agreement.

  3. To distribute assets according to the intent of the grantor or trustor.

  4. They can also provide Escrow services and handle public, project, corporate, and structured finance.


In summary, a corporate bank trust is when an organization confers on a bank the right to handle their assets and therefore deal with the assets according to the terms of the agreement. The bank can now make financial decisions on behalf of the grantor, but these decisions are according to the grantor's wishes.


Key takeaways:

  1. Corporate trusts are financial institutions that stand as fiduciaries or trustees to grantors.

  2. Banks have departments that are dedicated to corporate trusts, and there are corporate entities that are specifically designed for handling corporate trusts.

  3. These organizations have the legal access to handle the assets of grantors and can engage in investments with these assets only by the wish of the grantor.

  4. They can serve as trustees also between the grantor and third-party investors and mediate the distribution of loan repayments and dividends to these investors.

  5. They cannot use an asset beyond the grantor's wishes, as they only act in the stead of the grantor. Therefore their actions are bound by the agreement between them and the grantor or trustor.


At BancorpTrust, we help corporate institutions and individuals achieve their aims without going through all the difficulties associated with creating and managing a corporate bank trust.

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